“She searches out continually to possess that which is pure and righteous. She delights in the work of her hands.” Proverbs 31:13

There are many ways we could live, many thoughts we could think – some of which can take us down pathways of unhappiness and destruction.

I’ve spent many years oscillating from fear to insecurity, from low self-esteem to people pleasing.

I still struggle with comparison and imposter syndrome. Can you relate?

There are times that I see what others are doing and think I should be doing better. Sometimes I think they have something that I don’t.

As we evolve into the complete expression of who God called us to be, as we grow into the full picture of God’s intentional design, there are awkward phases. There are phases of silence. There are phases where we feel energized and motivated to go full speed. There are phases when we may feel stuck.

What I like about the Proverbs 31 woman is that she “searches out continually to possess that which is pure and righteous”. She didn’t just get to the place of being virtuous and whole overnight. She went through the journey of “diligently seeking” what was right and what was pure. Through all of her phases, she persisted. She persevered until she became the woman God called her to be.

Few will ever know this pleasure. Why? Because not too many are willing to diligently seek God’s will for their lives. Diligently seeking is not easy.

Diligently seeking requires discipline. It requires an intentional decision to continue around roadblocks, detours, discouragement and disappointment so you can get to your destination…or in this case your destiny.

Do we still believe in destiny?

Too many of us have settled for mundane, monotonous rhythms of mediocrity. We’ve settled for work that doesn’t fulfill us, we live below our means, because for many of us – greater seems beyond our reach.

This is a lie, dear heart.

Greatness was encoded in your DNA by the almighty God. #period

Are you willing to do the dirty work of CHANGE?

To challenge your mindsets and behaviors so that a jewel can emerge?

It’s time to stop blaming others and start embracing qualities such as integrity, love, excellence, work ethic, respect, honor, wisdom, purity, justice…

Godly character will take us further than money can. The right mindset can help us build a better reputation, better finances, better relationships and a better life. There is a continual washing of our hearts by the water of God’s Word that must take place.

This cleansing process is all consuming. It deals with how we think, how we handle money, how we love and how we work. We must deal with our issues at the root of who we are.

So, let’s talk. What are you overcoming? What do you want to achieve in 2021 and how can I help?

Join me for a Free Mentorship Session. I’m clearing my schedule next week to talk to you. I want to hear about your journey to become the woman God has called you to be.

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