Have you ever felt stuck? 

Are you caught in a routine that isn’t working for you? Do you know in your heart that you want more for your life? More time? More money? More influence? More GOD?

Many times we carry visions, dreams and hopes in our hearts for years. Yet our hearts grow sick because we haven’t seen the fruit.


An 8-Week Journey To Producing The Fruit Of You

Yes, you have produced. You’ve helped others created. You’ve born the weight of others’ businesses. You’ve supported your sisters’ dreams. You’ve labored with blood, sweat and tears to see your children, your family, your company and your community thrive. 

Yet you know there is something more that God has called you to do. 

As mothers, we sacrifice our dreams to make ends meet for our children. As wives, we sacrifice our time to support the men we love. As women, we work hard day in and day out – but you may find yourself asking, “where is my harvest?”

Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!

Luke 1:42

You wake up bubbling with ideas. You can put an amazing meal together. You are creative. You are full of life wherever you go. You are FRUITFUL.

Yet your schedule and mind are full with to-do lists, problems to solve and a million excuses – but what if you dared to leap out on the chance that on the other side of this journey, a great destiny and future awaits? A completely different lifestyle filled with joy, peace, wealth and fulfillment.

Nora Jacques, Founder of Fruitful

As a mother of five, serial entrepreneur and community leader, I understand the competing demands of being a woman and a dreamer. This world’s system demands your time and performance.

It’s the crying baby, the late work assignment,  the dinner that doesn’t cook itself…it’s the voice within that nicks away at your confidence…making you feel as though you didn’t do enough, even though you’re pushing as hard as you can.

If you’re tired of never having enough time or energy to do the things you love with the people you love…

If you’re fed up with feeling meaningless, powerless, overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated..

Enough is enough! God created us for more. God created us to live a life of meaning and fulfillment. In the grand scheme of things, our lives are designed to be more than a list of things to do. We should be investing our time and energy in the assignment and purpose God has for us. We were created to be fruitful.


This 8-week journey will help you design a life where you can do more of what you love, experience more peace of mind and make space for all of who you are.  


  • Session #1 – Fortify Your Faith Foundation | Create your truth manifesto that will serve as your guide to living in the truth of who God called you to be.
  • Session #2 – Breakthrough Accountability Discussion & Q & A
  • Session #1 – Plan Your Victory | Align your time with your values and priorities with your Lifestyle Renovation Plan. Get clear on what you want for your home, career, family and future. Create your ideal schedule to put the right people and priorities in place. 
  • Session #2 – Breakthrough Accountability Discussion & Q & A
  • Session #1 – Strategize Your Legacy | Optimize your skills, strengths, interest and story to design a lifestyle of power, purpose and a new legacy.
  • Session #2 – Breakthrough Accountability Discussion & Q & A


  • Session #1 – Generational Breakthrough
  • Session #2 – Graduation 
In addition to these 8 sessions, you will receive your own personal workbook, a private community, course materials and bonuses. 

Cost: $79

When you graduate from this 8-week journey, you will walk in clarity of purpose and the freedom to pursue your God-assignment regardless of your circumstances. You will:

  • Discover margin to enjoy your family (lifestyle design and time strategies to eliminate the clutter from your life and do more of what you love and enjoy) 
  • Let go of the status quo and pursue your dreams (skills assessment and analysis, strategies and resources to walk in your life’s purpose daily) 
  •  Experience greater intimacy and trust in your relationship with God
  • Gain a lifetime community where you can find strength and strengthen others.
Invest in the next chapter of YOU. Journey towards the complete identity and lifestyle that you know you were always destined to live.