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Nora Jessica

nora jessica leaning on palm tree

Hi, I’m Nora Jessica. I’m a blogger, mother of five, passionate wife, coffee lover and most importantly, daughter of the most high God. 

I’ve struggled with identity and wholeness for years. I’ve battled to learn who I was, only to discover the numerous counterfeits to distract, diminish and dilute the full strength of what lies within us.  

Nora means "light". I spark clarity and visibility through strategy, writing and teaching.


I am a voice of positive transformation and transcendence leading others to advance beyond barriers and into positions of influence and growth. With over a decade of experience in digital marketing and content strategy, I specialize in building community and driving results through strategic and purpose-inspired communications.

Servant leader, passionate advocate and diligent communicator, I have gained a creative edge from listening to and collaborating with brilliant leaders and civil servants across corporate sectors, education, government and nonprofit sectors.

I translate intentions, emotions, and visions into communication plans and results. I have supported the development of award-winning engagement campaigns by capturing the hearts and minds of audiences with powerful messaging and strategy.

My Journey