What does it mean to lose yourself?

To abandon the richness and color of your most beautiful dreams

To go on a journey to search for self only to discover that you’re a long way from home

To observe all the colorful hues of life within, yet know that those colors cannot be expressed?


What does it mean to walk away from you?

To know that with each step, you are further from what you know, yet discovering an unrevealed facet of your glory

To love your past, to embrace the now to chase the future, the trinity of you

What others know and expect of you

Your ability to cope and create in the moment

To understand that now is fleeting and the only power you held over then…is…NOW.


We are talented, deep, gold mines, filled with wealth, treasure, love, jewels of purpose and impact.

Our only reference is the past, and knowing we desire more than what has been, we launch into the future, hoping…praying for a new beginning.

Hoping to find the part of ourselves we lost.

The creativity.

The writer.

The free spirit.

The lover.

The beautiful gem buried beneath the pain, suffering, shame, attachments, depression, disappointments.

Lose your life, save your life.

For it is in the unknown, the deep, the dark, the grave, where we find the light of resurrection. 

The diamond mined through layers of rock, hours of sweat and labor. We know the potential is there, but in order to live it out, to walk it out, to experience its full beauty, its full benefit, the complete depth of what it can be…

We must dig.

Your heart will guide you. When you get rid of the voices, when you detach from your pain, when you honor your soul and own the power you’ve always held.

What happens when you lose yourself? You find yourself.

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