Welcome to NoraJessica.com. This website is an introduction to my life, values and the ways I hope to serve you. I am a writer, entrepreneur and strategist – but those are just my skills. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs of color realize their God-given purpose.  

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking for brand strategy or simply a woman with a dream, here you can find inspiration and resources. Reach out and connect. Together, perhaps you will find a plan.

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The Power of I Am Not


“You, don’t have no more kids”! The elderly woman said emphatically as she placed her hands on my belly, my womb, my creative birthing space designed by God to procreate. She proclaimed words that had the potential to abort my destiny. At the time I was pregnant with Bellange, my now seven-year-old daughter.…

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The Power of Discovering Your Secret Place


I remember watching a movie growing up called the Secret Garden. A young boy who was crippled and, in a wheelchair, discovered a place of identity, safety and tranquility. The place he thought was safe wasn’t, so here he could be free. It was a place of healing. As the story went on,…

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Don’t Let Your Love Grow Cold


Have you ever felt like your walk with God wasn’t “working”?  Have you ever wondered, “am I doing this right”?  Steeped in doubt and clouded by fear, maybe you’ve piddled in frustration, wondering if God sees you, if He, the Almighty One would care about your seemingly small existence.  I’ve been there. I’ve…

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selective focus photography of white softbound book

Renewal Through Reading


You see a vision, you see a dream. Yet, you want a better understanding to fill in the details.  Reading is a pathway to slow your thoughts down, to take in new understanding, to learn, and to reframe your way of being.  Romans 12:2 – Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  There…

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Renew. Rebuild. Repair.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some clear directives or commands that God gave me concerning my life, my walk with God, my home, and my ministry. As a church leader, I recognized that I could no longer depend on weekly services for my weekly “fix”. I had to know how to command…

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